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Vases & Planters

Whether you are looking for a delicate vase purely for display purposes or something to grow your garden herbs in. We have what you need.



Who doesn't love storage? Ranging from small glass jars for delightful treats, to large storage baskets to keep your house looking decluttered.

DINING_Salz & Pfeffer Set.jpg


You will find a whole range of items in this collection, making your dinner parties something to be envious of.



We love to update the accessories in our home regularly, as it can bring a whole new feel to a room. 

Image by Felicia D'Ascanio

Not So Flawless

Some of our products arrive to us with some 'not so flawless' appearances. We discount these items as we do not like to see them go to waste.

Image by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum


We like to keep our products fresh therefore regularly move older products into our sale range.


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